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Army girlfriend… ?

Have you ever been in that one moment where it seems like everything just stops?? A million thoughts rush to your mind and you can’t stop them because it’s like their is no filter at all . When you find out the one person who hasn’t left your side through thick and then with, fought over nothing but still cared about them, best friend and boyfriend or girlfriend tells you they are going into the service.. what do you do ?? Today I was told by somebody I dearly care about is talking to a recruiter tomorrow and is soon wanting to sign with the Army.. I am young and people may think it’s stupid to wanna be with somebody in the service, stay faithful… and even plan a future at a young age but really is there even a right age to know what love is or your feelings?? Everyday people make stupid and immature decisions at every age.. some people never get married so who really can put an age to know what love is or feel love. All  I know is that if my best friend, boyfriend, and my heart is wanting to sign for the Army.. I will be Army strong with him and wait till he makes a final decision and stand by his side no matter what. I have seen friends go through this and still stay just as strong as they were in the same town and talking 24/7 and that’s what motivates me that this is the right choice.. I even have family members still in the service who have a wife and kids and they do everything together like an everyday family with no bumps in the road. People think it’s stupid to date somebody in the service but really it’s just another way to support our country because while people are fighting for our country people like girlfriends, wives and families are the motivation to our soldiers to be out there on the battlefield or in basic . Being in a relationship with somebody in the service is a good and bad thing, the distance makes your relationship so much stronger and it makes you cherish every little thing that with person until they leave again and even when they are gone those memories are cherished and never forgotten. When you receive your first letter it brightens your whole day and nothing can bring you down (from what I have been told from a close friend). So in a way girlfriends, wives and families should be thanked to .. the parents made their child strong enough to go on through life to reach their goal as a soldier and the girlfriend/wife helped support them in every way by showing them not everything in our country is worthless.So instead of trying to make those supporters of a soldier feel down about their choice.. just remember people like them are another reason why you are still living in a country like ours. I got my soldiers 6 no matter what. Stay army strong && faithful!<3

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